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Planning For A Memorable Easter Holiday


Great travel is the holy grail of family time: To see the world, expand our horizons, and experience unforgettable adventures together is everything we want our family time to be, all wrapped into one. That’s the dream anyway. The reality is that planning a big trip can be so daunting you want to throw up your hands and just stay at home. It’s no wonder all-inclusive resorts like Sultan Palace Beach Retreat are so popular, just show up and your hardest decisions concern the buffet.

While Easter is one of the most important events in the Christian calendar, many take the opportunity to go for a vacation that marks the first conventional break of the year. Finding the perfect balance and knowing a few tricks to planning itineraries that optimize your days will help you have better, more adventurous vacations. It‘s can take years of practice to figure out how to plan itineraries that keep everyone happy and expose you to new experiences. The heart of my travel planning comes down to knowing how to balance cultural experiences with kid-friendly fun while making the logistics as seamless as possible. Below are some of the tips for organizing a perfect Easter holiday;

1. Look up for exciting destinations
Look up for all the possible destinations where you are visiting. Then, as a family, discuss which places sound coolest. From the short list, everyone gets one pick. You can have as many options as you like, but the one pick is guaranteed. Not only does this ensure everyone has one place they really want to see. It really helps with keeping a positive attitude for places that kids aren't enjoying, as they have something to look forward to.

2. Get your children involved in the research
Don’t worry them with budget or duration, let them explore and find out what works for them as a holiday – an adventure holiday, activity, with family or apart from it, or a beach holiday slightly out of season. Let them explore the net. You’ll get them excited before they go.

3. Opt for holiday homes
Holiday homes have now completely redefined the vacationing experience. Gone are the days where you rack up high bills at the hotels. Holiday homes much better value and offer a high degree of flexibility during Easter than during the other holiday peak that usually begins in July. Staying in a hotel can be convenient and easy for short stays, but if you are staying in one place for more than a few days, try to stay in a home. Remember you can negotiate a much better rate when you contact them directly.

4. Decide on holiday activities beforehand
Checking in to that holiday home or hotel is not the end of vacation by itself. A true vacation will not be fulling without a series of fun activities that will keep you engaged and entertained throughout your stay. In this regard, it is important that you decide on activities you will be doing on your holiday beforehand. Based on that, choose your destination.

5. Try to choose a destination where Easter is celebrated differently
It is good to explore different holiday experiences every time you set out to go for one each leaving you with a lasting imprint of beautiful memories. For example in France, they celebrate the season with seafood and yes, loads of chocolate but instead of chocolate eggs everything is in the shape of seafood – a chocolate prawn and crab cake no less – the mind boggles!


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