Planning Your Holiday in Kenya´s Coast


There´s really so much to see and experience on these scenic sights of Kenya´s coast with all its stunning azure blue waters. In order for you to get the most out of your holiday at the coast, a little planning is an essential requirement, especially when your time is so rarely unlimited!

Plan Around Your Interests
To enjoy your holiday, it is important first of all to self-discovery your interests. What makes you tickle? What makes you feel awesome or activated? To perfectly plan your itinerary simply know your interests, timescale and the budget so that you enjoy your coastal holiday hassle-free.

When to Go
Kenya's breathtaking beaches and range of activities can be enjoyed at any time of the year. Each holiday cycle in Kenya (April, August, and December) have their own appeal depending on your weather preference. April is often a rainy season, August is extremely cold while December is pretty hot; for many, just the perfect weather to enjoy a coastal holiday specifically an ocean swim. Given the right weather, most Kenyans prefer going down the coast for vacations in December which coincides with the festive holidays. In this regard, some spots might be a bit crowded but then again it´s the people who make travel jovial. You get to meet new people and perhaps make new friends! Debatable. Though, this doesn´t mean that those looking for private exotic places won´t find them as they are plenty of hotels to spend some ´me time´.

Where to Stay
Having settled on the time to go for a holiday, the next thing you need to think about is where you will stay. There are a variety of accommodation options at the coast from Airbnb to boutique hotels and idyllic lodges all-round the coast region from Kikambala, Malindi, Lamu, Diani and Watamu just but to mention a few. However, the choice you make will be guided mostly by budget and personal preferences. You can work with a tour agent to get the best deal.

Getting There
You can get to coast via local airlines, Madaraka Express (Mombasa-Nairobi railway services) or via road onboard the several bus services plying the route. If you are looking for extra experience on your way to the coast, you can use Madaraka Express or road service though you need to psychologically prepare for an exhaustion due to the long travel hours. However, it will shake off after a cold shower and deep sleep.

Getting Around
Kenya´s coast is an easy and friendly place to travel around independently with an excellent network of roads, bus and air services. Probably the most popular method of touring Kenya´s coast is on a self-drive holiday. Whether travelling by car or tour van, the light traffic and abundance of stunning scenery make driving a pure pleasure.

Activities and Excursions
There are lots of activities to partake while enjoying a holiday in Kenya´s coast. You will experience thrilling adventure in leisure activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, bird watching, jet skiing, and boat racing among others Also, they can visit word tourist destinations like Fort Jesus, Old Town, Jumba la Mutwana Ruins, The Krapf Rabai Memorial museum, and Nguuni Nature Sanctuary among many others. Indeed there are a wide selection of excursions to be explored Kenya´s down south!


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