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Tours & Travel: Why is Kenya’s Coast So Popular?

Tours & Travel: Why is Kenya’s Coast So Popular?

Every time that a tourism survey is done, results from polled travellers, both local and international, indicate that Mombasa is their most preferred destination. Of course, they mean largely the entire coast region which includes tour hotspots like Diani in Kwale County, Watamu in Kilifi County and Shela in Lamu County among other places. Undoubtedly, there must be something magical about Kenya’s coastal trip!

A sneak peek into the tourism travel patterns indicate that most holidaymakers like going for vacations in April (coinciding with the Easter holiday), August (coinciding with the school holidays) and December (two-week festive holidays). It is also during these peak seasons that tour and travel operators experience a spike in tourist groups coming down to the coast for some fun and adventure. Although some prefer to go during the off-season to avoid overcrowding that is usually witnessed during peak times and enjoy affordable rates.

Some holidaymakers have made it a ritual to go for annual vacations at the coast despite the fact there are other several destinations across the country that are also worth visiting. But for some reason, they just prefer the coast. This begs the question: why is Kenya’s coast a popular tourist destination?

The Beach Experience
Most holidaymakers have fallen in love with Mombasa and the neighbouring destinations due to its amazing beach experience. And this is not just mere self-aggrandizement because, Diani, has won several awards for being one of the best beaches in the world. So, there is something to it.

The beach experience has several dimensions of fun. Some love to swim in the warm waters of the ocean. This is popular among tourists from the hinterlands who do not have access to large natural water bodies. They could also choose to go to one of the many swimming pools around, but the experience of an ocean swim is simply special.

There is also a segment that enjoys the aspect of basking in the sun while lying on the beach like a cold-blooded crocodile (ha-ha). Beach sunbathing is common with those who visit from areas with cold climatic conditions. They look forward to escaping the chills and warm up a bit while relaxing in a quiet, private moment as the cool oceanic breeze slowly blows past them.

Finally, we have meditators and yoga enthusiasts. Beach meditation is increasingly becoming popular among some holidaymakers who are seeking out novel, richer experience when they embark on their annual life reflection rituals. A secluded, private beach is a perfect place that anyone who would like some time alone to have a meeting his/her conscience. Diani, Kikambala and Lamu provide great spots for beach meditation. You can sit on the beach or immerse yourself in the warm ocean and let the waves roll over your head, refreshing your memory each time. The peace at these quiet beaches can do wonders for your meditation exercises.

The Cultural Experience
The people of the coastal region are known to be largely kind, jovial and welcoming. Their way of life gives one a relaxed vibe that you rarely find in the hinterland’s cities. Urbanites from other places usually feel as if they are in a completely different world whenever they travel down to the coast. The natives are usually casual, and their lifestyle is leisurely-paced unlike the visitors from the big cities who are accustomed to a fast-paced lifestyle in a highly capitalistic society that gives little consideration to humanity. So, when at the coast for the holidays, you are compelled to leave behind your rat-race life and just relax. Taking a break from your busy lifestyle and can considerably improve your wellness.

The other aspect is their amazing food culture. The diversity of the cuisines of the coastal people is something that is highly admirable and would make you want to visit the region regularly. Although many have since migrated to all corners of the country, the allure of the source still lingers. Swahili dishes are particularly over the top and the residents have since learned that tourists are in love with their cuisine. This realization has led to a thriving street food culture and the icing on the cake is the affordable prices. Given that most of the populace are Muslims, exploitation is frowned upon as the religion forbids it. Some of the popular mouthwatering Swahili dishes include samosa, mahamri, bhajia, coconut rice, and pilau among others.

Above all, is their kind and courteous nature. When you have lived in places like Nairobi, a city synonymous with high levels of individualism and selfishness, you may be mistaken that the spirit of ubuntu is dead. A journey to the coastal region gives you a different perspective and hope that indeed kind-hearted people still roam planet earth. For example, if you ask for directions, someone will gladly help you without asking for anything in return or if you go to a hotel, you will be served a reasonable portion of food and billed fairly. The benevolence of the coastal people has been a big contributor to their thriving tourism industry, and they don’t do it for the tourism dollars but because they are inherently and mostly good people at heart. Because that’s what good humans should do unto each other. So, when you travel to a distant land and you are treated nicely, wouldn’t you want to return?

The Scenery Experience
The Kenyan coast has also been known to have spectacular scenery that has kept visitors keep returning one more time. And many more who haven’t yet visited are planning their travel. The scenery at the coast provides a fresh experience that is not found in the typical tourism circuits in the hinterlands. The ocean views and deep-sea dives are a whole new level of an expedition for many people. For example, unlike in Masaai Mara where you are likely to be sitting in your tour van throughout, in Mombasa, you will be free to interact with nature. Through scuba diving and snorkelling you will see beautiful coral reefs and among other incredible sceneries in the undersea not forgetting water sports like Jet skiing, Kitesurfing, Kayaking, and Windsurfing, among others.

Final Thoughts
As adventure travel roars back, Kenya’s coast will still retain its place as a top tourist destination in the country. The overall experience from beach, culture, to breathtaking scenery, is something to live for and look forward to enjoying it multiple times. So, when planning for your next coastal tour, consider visiting Sultan Palace Beach Retreat for all the above experience. And if you want to stay forever, we have beachfront holiday homes for sale. Call us on 0702 666 777 or email