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Introducing Sultan Palace Restaurant, A Food Palace Curated For Your Taste Buds

Introducing Sultan Palace Restaurant, A Food Palace Curated For Your Taste Buds

Imagine yourself seated by a pristine white beach, your tongue relishing a sizzling hot coconut fish, gently rolling over seasoned potato wedges. The sweltering coastal heat is rubbing off your soft, supple skin. But the cool sea breezes cool you off. And oh! You also have your favourite beer chilling in the icebox to go with the fish. Well, this could be you! Each of us has a deep desire that burns through our mind, body, and soul, constantly pushing us forward. Of all your deepest desires, what could be better than living a life of prestige, leisure, and luxury?

Indeed, the above pleasures could be enjoyed by you, this very moment, at our newly launched Sultan Palace Restaurant within the resort. Manned by exceptional chefs, the Sultan Souq prides itself on a wide range of delicacies across all cultures, from African, American to the Mediterranean. The menu has been carefully curated to cater for everyone’s taste buds. Whether you desire to relish a chilly garlic rib, chicken diavola, or just guzzle a cold fresh juice, you’ll get it all here at pocket-friendly prices.

You know when sultan palace beach retreat was being conceptualized, the goal was to offer guests like you the most amazing holiday experience that you have ever imagined. At the time, we acknowledged that tomorrow’s vacationer will require seamless fun and recreation. That’s why the resort is fitted with state-of-the-art amenities designed to imprint lasting, memorable adventures on your mind and soul. These include a swimming pool, a children's water park, and a clubhouse. The clubhouse was designed to feature so much more! A specially designated residents’ club, it was envisioned to host a cocktail bar, a beach bar, a gourmet restaurant, an elegant café/ brasserie as well as a gym, games room, and large lounge area. Indeed, our purpose is to make reality out of your wildest dreams.

However, given the fact that development and operationalization were being done in phases, some amenities are yet to come live. We had received a lot of feedback from our current and past customers on the need to operationalize sooner rather than later. The logistics of self-catering, which was the initial model, can sometimes be overwhelming. Hence, having a professionally run restaurant would be a prized convenience.

We ought to have had the restaurant up and running a long time ago. But due to unforeseen circumstances on our end, it was not feasible to do it earlier. Nevertheless, we apologize and commit to ensuring that your stay will be among the best experiences you’ll ever have in the north coast tourism circuit.

With the Sultan Palace Restaurant now open, you can always visit the resort and not have to worry about preparing your own meals throughout your stay, that is, if you find it to be a cumbersome chore. In essence, you now have the freedom and time to explore the beach as well as the surrounding tourist attraction sites like Haller Park, Nguuni Wildlife Sanctuary, and Arabuko Sokoke Forest among many others. For staycation reservations, please call 0700 505 539 or email You’re most welcome!