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Live The Life: Secrets of Enjoying A Self-Catering Getaway

Live The Life: Secrets of Enjoying A Self-Catering Getaway

Freedom is one of the greatest things that our hearts crave. The freedom to live in a place that we like. The freedom to eat food that we adore. The freedom to travel to places that we can’t stop fantasizing about. Alright, you get the drift now. It’s all about the power of making truly independent life choices. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to be truly autonomous.

The reasons are varied as the number of people on this planet. Some include spiritual doctrines, financial limitations, or even cultural dogmas. Regardless, there is always something somewhere trying to hold you back. Billionaires may be somewhat immune to ordinary world problems. However, for the rest of us, this doesn’t mean that you can’t get enjoy yourself on your terms when vacationing.

A boring past
Holidaying has come a long way. During the olden days, adventure seekers and explorers were confined to a rather rigid holiday experience. It went something like this: book a hotel, travel, spend time at the chosen hotel, then return home. Fortunately, this lustreless approach has undergone a profound transformation, opening new possibilities of enjoyment.

Self-catering is one of the biggest by-products of the evolution that continues to shape the hospitality industry to this very day. Unlike in the past when hotels and resorts were the only accommodation options, today you can have a holiday home all to yourself or a group of buddies if you like. While there, you can cook what you want. This technically means you can have fun on your terms. As a guest, you now have the flexibility to set your holiday schedule, mealtimes, menu, and budget.

A misunderstanding
Self-catering accommodation is now a popular trend, thanks to Airbnb. Unfortunately, there are people still grappling with this concept. When you read through the various holiday home online reviews, you are likely to notice a few dissenting sentiments.

However, upon a closer examination, one realizes that the holidaymakers in question didn’t quite get what self-catering accommodation meant. You’ll see comments like this place didn’t have a restaurant or there was no room service, among other comments that largely portray a lack of understanding.

What to expect
To get the best experience from your self-catering getaway, there are a few pointers you need to know beforehand. But first, let’s get the basics straight. Self-catering accommodation is when an establishment offers facilities for holidaymakers to cook their meals while onboard. It is important to understand this to avoid disappointments.

When shopping around for your next holiday, you may want to check the kitchen facilities and establish if, indeed, they would meet your needs. Most establishments usually share pictures of their accommodation. But on rare instances, you’ll find a few proprietors who are dishonest and misrepresent the facts. Even so, a reasonably equipped kitchen should contain a cooker, cooking utensils, crockery, cutlery, microwave, refrigerator, and electric kettle among others. It is also important to note that provisions may vary depending on the property type.

Apart from kitchenware, you can also expect bedding, baths, and toiletries. Although it is not a guarantee in all places. So be sure to call beforehand and check for finer details to ensure that the holiday rental space will meet all your needs. But for sanctity of your hygiene, just carry personal effects.

And since your self-catering, bring adequate food supplies and everything you need to keep the staycation going. Some holiday homes are in secluded areas, several kilometres from the nearest shopping centre. Thus, for example, it can be a bit tedious to go and fetch salt once you realize it’s missing whilst preparing beef stew for dinner. With everything set, you will certainly have a blast.

Final thoughts
Previously perceived to be an option for frugal adventurers, self-catering holiday homes are designed to provide an authentic ‘home from home’ experience. It is picking up fast as a preferred holidaying style for people who yearn for an unencumbered self-dining experience. You get to cook what you want, exactly how you want it, and relish whenever your stomach calls. Today, we see lots of establishments, from Nairobi to Sultan Palace Beach Retreat in Kikambala offering self-catering accommodation. The resulting competition for customers has seen significant improvement in furnishing as various establishments strive to deliver an excellent guest experience to attract and encourage repeat visitors.

Come and have fun!
So, before you go, allow us to plug the holiday homes at Sultan Palace Beach Retreat. Here's the deal: You can buy a beachfront holiday home and have fun for the rest of your life. Prices start from Ksh.12.1 million. However, if you want to just come in for a short time, you can rent a unit from those who have already bought a piece of this magnificent real estate. For now, they are all self-catering. But once the hotel and restaurant become operational, both options will be available. To buy or book a unit for your next holiday, call us on 0702 666 777 or email